Cyber Security and Privacy Consulting

Petreski & Co. is a full-service consulting firm specializing in all aspects of Cyber Security and Privacy.  We offer a wide range of comprehensive services to help businesses protect their valuable assets.

As your premier consulting firm, we at Petreski & Co. offer an extensive portfolio of Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance services, designed to shield your business from expensive and potentially damaging security breaches. We meticulously analyze your security infrastructure, diligently uncovering and rectifying vulnerabilities. . Our main focus is towards:

At Petreski & Co., our cybersecurity services extend beyond mere advice. We offer insightful guidance, unbiased evaluations, and concrete deliverables and reports to fortify your security setup. Our role doesn't end with identifying vulnerabilities; we also supply program development resources, remediation solutions, and strategic staffing to mature and manage your security program effectively. 

Privacy protection is a pivotal part of our services. Petreski & Co.'s team of seasoned experts assess your privacy program against prevailing regulations and best practices, provide advisory services, and illuminate the complexities of handling privacy incidents, investigations, and breaches. We also offer strategic sourcing of privacy staffing resources, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of expert privacy knowledge without the expense of hiring an internal resource .

Regulatory compliance is a minefield that Petreski & Co. helps you navigate with confidence. From conducting breach investigations to reviewing regulatory compliance and certifications, we've got you covered. Our gap assessments for various standards ensure you're always on track, and we provide a clear roadmap towards successful certification.